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Creative Portraits

Portraits made to convey a concept or theme. Dramatic; unconventional; and anything else you want it to be. 

These are a few of the current concepts I'm offering, and I'd love to hear your ideas too! Head to the Booking/Contact Page - let's get weird!

*Each concept starts at $500 and will be 1-2 hours of shooting*

*Mood Board for each concept available upon request*

*Hair and makeup also available upon request for an additional charge*

Five-Star Meal

A creative combination of food, tableware, and jewelry.


Anti V-day

Let's destroy some Valentine's Day decor! I feel passionately about this one as a chronically single gal :P


Brain Dump

words. feelings. this specific concept might require some additional vulnerability from you!


Christmas (but you're the gift)

Gift some photos of yourself to your significant other! I won't tell!

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